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New Pig's Safe School Guide

New Pig has released Safe School Guide that addresses the current challenge of turning guidelines on paper into an actionable plan that leaders can follow to create the cleanest, safest school environment possible. The guide is organized by key areas that includes product recommendations, application photos and checklists to help administrators and their teams implement their guidelines. Download the Safe School Guide at www.newpig.com/safeschools or visit www.newpig.com.

New Pig has recently introduced the PIG® Fuel Station Spill Kit in Overpack. Designed especially for fuel islands, the Spill Kits are always prepared to safely respond to spills.

Packaged in a tough, grime-hiding container, the Spill Kit is filled with absorbents specifically made for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene spills without taking in a drop of water. Absorbents include static-dissipative mats and socks that pass NFPA99 standards for static decay and surface resistivity. PIG® Loose absorbent, PPE, caution tape and clean-up tools are also included.

Ideal for use anywhere there are fueling operations: marinas, garages, commercial facilities, military sites, airports, tanker terminals, construction sites, industrial facilities and remote operations, the Overpack container is UN Rated 1H2/X345/S for shipping waste after cleanup and is weatherproof and UV resistant. Opaque black in color, the container has reflective labeling for easy visibility at night and blends into most surroundings. Lift-out, prepacked baskets allow easy access to the Kit’s contents, and can be restocked while ledges molded into the container make it easy to move by forklift.

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